Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stay With Me

I have

been waiting for you

a long…. time


the city street light

Gazing towards the people passing by

You arrive on time to

Heal my withering heart

So I

can learn to

Mend your lonely eyes

To walk with me

Through the fabric of life

a complex design

Place your hands inside my dreams

Make them live

Outside my brain

Stay with me

Underneath this city street light

Gazing towards the people passing by.

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Very first Blog begins with a poem: SCHOOL IN THE BIRTH OF WINTER

I quietly strolled through the mountain greens of Jalisco
the soft leaves grazing my face pleading to stay a while longer.
begging for a sip of green card juice, so that the seeds can return with me.

As I arrived in San Diego
I dropped a napkin and,
Gravity did its part,
it fell with such grace
dancing like a broken leaf in autumn’s fall.

On an October 13th morning
I picked her up on that dry Santa Ana windy day
the first image I had was an old picture that
resonated from my past 22 years.
A welcoming glare wrapped in a blanket
her hazel eyes managed to puncture my heart
like the teeth of a lioness
I told her that I’d be her role model, that I’d keep her warm
And, she said to me
father there is no need to, I am a soothing sauna.
I took a deep breath and laid her in the crib.
It’ll keep her warm through the midterms.