Friday, September 16, 2011



  1. omg, ure a perfect guy, perfect father. i wish i could meet somebody like u in my life

  2. your girls are so lucky to have such an awesome dad, I wish my girls could have the same..... as for the struggle... yea I get it x

    Awesome video as always <3

  3. What a great Dad!!! Your daughters are absolutely beautiful! You and your girls make me smile... :) Have a great weekend!!

  4. You know, you're awesome!Really!And if anybody in this world will get through everything, this will be U and your daughters!I want to thank you that anytime I watch your videos I just start to be happy! If I have a bad mood I only need to watch U! Eliana really looks like I did, she is great!:)Greetings from Hungary!:) Wish U luck!

  5. Please post more! Ur so funny and talented! Home was the first song ive ever bought on itunes! When ur so amazing u deserve the credit :) u and ur girls are so inspiring ! Every day life will suck u up and u deal with it in the best way u can! With a song in ur heart and a smile on ur face :) Much love from jersey

  6. Muito legal seus vídeos!!!
    Uma sugestão:Você poderia colocar legendas em português ou em espanhol!!!
    Beijo no coração de vocês!!!

  7. Jorge

    Recién he visto tus videos, me ha fascinado la voz de Alexa, y me he permitido subir dos de ellos en mi mas reciente post en mi blog, espero que no tengas inconveniente.
    Felicidades! se nota que son una familia hermosa y muy unida =)

    Con cariño

    Desde Torreón, Coahuila, México.

  8. Hola Jorge. Soy una chica española enamorada de la cuidad de San Diego, y de tu gran familia.
    Desde que empecé a ver tus videos, y tus reportajes algo en mi interior cambió. Adoro lo que tus hijas y tu transmitís al resto del mundo con vuestras canciones y esa unión tan evidente. Eres un ejemplo de padre que muchas personas deberían seguir. Desde aquí te mando un beso gigante y mucho ánimo para que sigáis revolucionando el mundo. Y si algún día tengo la gran suerte de volver a SD espero poder conoceros. Olimpia.

  9. i found you on the youtube. you are so great and your little girl is just soooo talented:X i just love you guys!

  10. Hi! I´m Pia. I´m from Norway, and i just saw some of your music videos on youtube. Your family is an inspiration! I like the consept of: Family, community, art and music. I really love it! Anyway, i just wondered if you would like to cover True Colors? I love the song, and i think it would fit perfectly for you guys! Keep up the good work!


  11. Hi Jorge Narvaez, good morning.
    My name is Leila, I am a journalist in Brazil (Sao Paolo).
    I saw your videos with Alexa and really enjoyed it.
    I wanted to do a story with you, telling his musical history.
    Is it possible? Me back if interested.

    PS.: Sorry for the bad English, do not write very well. But let's try.
    Thanks, Leila (

  12. hello my name is geice'm from Brazil and I saw his video on you tube and found I loved your blog and am following if you want then I will feel honored ... kisses beautiful daughters

  13. Laughing here....bad daddy (hehe)....she looked so peaceful asleep and you stick your fingers in her mouth. What ARE you like! The little sweetheart woke with a smile! She SO loves her daddy, she'd forgive him anything!!

    Love from Sally in the UK xx