Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Heart is Where the Home is"

Thought I’d write some poetry

By Jorge Narvaez

I’d like to welcome you to my heart. Inside it’s furnished, utility bills are taken care of, there’s food to keep you strong and healthy, you can stay here all you want. Pets are welcome. I will never charge you for rent. I will always make you feel welcome. I only ask for you to keep it clean and take good care of it.There have been previous tenants who have left their belongings behind, but please don’t mind them. My heart has survived more attacks than you can think of. But if anything they’ve made the foundations stronger, sturdier and healthier. A rich and beautiful history too!. Oh and take a look at my two new books, one is titled “7” and the other one is “3”, very good reads! Be careful when moving around the furniture. Past tenants have moved it around when they get bored or feel the need to change the heart, when in the end they never really needed to. You might rip the carpet and it will scar forever so be careful if you do move things around. This is your home, a warm place where you can rest, where you’re sure to be taken care of. This place can be yours as long as you’d like. Preferably you choose the long term lease. It has a lot to offer you so please love with passion and without limits. Don’t be afraid, it beats only for you. Now, would you like the keys to my heart?


  1. Hi, from Italy.
    Enchanted, love you so.